Nemesis Casting Studios

A casting facility in city centre Manchester with live digital video streaming on a private dedicated line giving uninterrupted high speed internet service.

Casting studios in Manchester.

Large reception area with seating for up to 50 people with (optional) receptionist.

Full kitchen and catering facilities available plus hot and cold drinks.

Two casting studios with full kit linked to Casting Networks.

Freelance Camera Operators, Casting Assistants or Casting Directors available.

Private toilets for clients.

Full Hire or Dry Hire available.

Actors who have been asked to supply a tape for an audition or for an Agent or Casting Director can hire our studios for a reduced hourly rate.

Car park outside studio.

Sony XD Cam PXW Z150 Camera.

We have a selection of lights including Arri light, 2 soft box photographic lights and 1 Kino studio light.

Download our rate card